Gibson Epic 397K-A305 represents a balance of all traits both visually and on paper. We couldn’t find a low birth weight, calving ease R397K son we were confortable with, so we made one of our of our best cows. Epic is out of a perfect uddered, heavy milking Julian J526 daughter that always produces a standout and never misses calving on time. Not a show bull by any means, but during his short career he earned titles (four grand, one reserve) at national and regional expositions. Epic exceeds his sire (R397K) in terms of calving ease and outpowers his grandsire (J526) as a sire of early growth, muscle and overall dimension. He is wide chested, bold sprung and structurally correct and brings a new paradigm in fleshing ability. He excels on fescue and stays in good condition throughout the breeding season and winter. Epic is the combination bull we have been looking for, and this notion is supported by his EPD tabulation and HD50K genomic profile. Semen is available for purchase. Contact us for more information.


Gibson Nexus X210 is an elite calving ease and performance specialist in the Gibson Cattle Company program. No throways, a foot improver and incredibly consistent 6.25 frame mature bull. Most importantly, the Nexus X210 females are what we desire in a brood cow: feminine featured, full of internal volume with tight udders and small teats. The Lot #1 bull in Beckton's 2014 sale catalog was out of a Nexus cow; that speaks volumes! This is of no surprise as Nexus X210 is out of our best cow, 525, who is an 1185 pound own daughter of Epic D404, the foundation sire of the Epic bloodline in the breed.

Study his performance pedigree and you will see generations of selection for consistent, trouble free cattle on both sides. GG Nexus B214, a son born in 2014, showcased rapid early gain with an unmatched 6.79 ADG (highest amongst bulls of all breeds) during the first 56 day test period at the IMM feed test in Rome, GA. B214 finished with an impressive 4.46 ADG, and earned 3rd place over all breeds coming off test and was the highest performing calf we have ever sent to a bull test environment. A full brother to X210, earned a 124 ADG ratio and 3rd place honors (out of all 196 contemporaries) in the green tag division at the legendary Midland Bull Test in Montana in 2012. e bred X210 back to his mother and the heifer calf resulting from that mating was our top heifer in the 2014 calf crop. We think the best is yet to come. Semen is available for purchase. Contact us for more information.

GG EPIC ELVIS B24 “the young gun"

Elvis is the most exciting and phenotypically correct son out of the Beckton Epic K4 N795 bull we have seen. At the same time, we feel that his dam exemplifies what a Red Angus brood cow should be, both visually and in terms of production. Elvis is long, thick and deep and possesses the calving ease and rapid early growth combination that pays dividends in the commercial cattle industry. He offers structural correctness and travels on a large circumference of hoof that could benefit the entire breed. Without question, the quality and consistency of B24’s first calf crop in 2016 cements his status as the
rising star at Gibson Cattle Company.
He has worked well on a variety of cow types and his calves consistently have more substance of bone, dimension of rib, and overall muscle than what is available in the Epic, Nexus and Julian lines from Beckton. Semen is available for purchase on a limited basis. Contact us for more information.


Honopou is a slick haired, easy fleshing bull with tremendous capacity and muscle shape in a moderate framed package. Honopou comes from the genetic program at Caires Farms International, a herd where the selection pressure for structural soundness, fertility and carcass merit is paramount. A testament to the maternal function behind Honopou are the cows behind him: 575’s dam, grand-dam, and great grand-dam were all still in production past 13 years of age. His dam is impressive: 3573 is a feminine, big-bodied brood cow with an ideal udder that performed well (NR: 10@103; CI: 10@338 days) in a rough, no-frills environment.

575 is a short gestation sire that has seen extensive commercial use, where his calves are typically born 8-10 days early. We used him on heifers in 2015 are delighted with the results: 100% were born unassisted. Harvest data indicates that he exceeds his pedigree estimates for MARB & REA, as his heifer and steer progeny have graded 100% Prime & Choice, with no YG4s and topped grid-pricing formulas out west. That said, we are most excited about his impact through daughters that will complement our foundation Red Angus genetics.


Gibson Julian GG U168 is a sleep all night heifer bull whose offspring benefit from his fleshing ability, internal volume and ability to thrive on fescue in the heat and humidity of the Southeast. Although he has been replaced by Gibson Nexus X210 as the senior herd sire, U168 is a visually impressive individual still worth mentioning because his daughters in production have made a valueable contribution to the program.

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